Come to Country Pumpkins by Rita Kay Aldridge



Come to Country Pumpkins where lasting memories are made!
Sit on the deck beneath the trees  and enjoy respite in the shade!

Take a hayride or a train ride,
whichever one you choose!
Or simply do both!  Now what have you got to lose?

Jump in the cotton wagon!  Be sure to pack it down!
Remember to keep the cotton INSIDE the wagon, not out on the ground!

On Saturdays, the R.I.D.E.S. ponies are ready to take you for a ride!
Afterwards, you might enjoy sliding on our cotton picker slide!

Our concession stand is open each and every day of the week.
Stop and enjoy a refreshing drink and something good to eat!

Celebrate a birthday under a tent with your loved ones, young or old.
Fond memories will be made whether you're one or 101 years old!

Walk through our corn maze!  Now don't get lost!
Play inside the corn box or try our pumpkin chunkin' toss!

Enjoy a bonfire with your group on a crisp, autumn night,
Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs that turn out just right!

Don't forget to take your picture by "How Tall this Fall?"
It's fun to see how much you've changed since visiting us last fall!

We must give a shout out to Chief Watch The Patch, our wooden Indian man!
Since 2000, he's been steadfastly watching over our Country Pumpkins stand!

Take a picture with Chief  Watch The Patch if you please!
Just remember he's watching over the patch so don't ask him to say,

Pick out some pumpkins, gourds or cushaws at the end of your day
To decorate your festive table on Thanksgiving Day!

At Country Pumpkins, we are thankful to our Heavenly Father up above
For lasting memories filled with joy, fun, and lots and lots of love!

Memories made at Country Pumpkins will last your whole life through,
And we are so very thankful for this opportunity to share fond memories
with you!

So come to Country Pumpkins for a fun-filled day with your friends!
You see, at Country Pumpkins, the fun never, ever ends!

Rita Kay Aldridge